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These saxophones play very in tune, and they are lush down low and not “blatty” (i.e. they are not pathologically blaring in the first octave, like some makes from Taiwan) — the best way to get a clear idea of how they sound is to download the .mp3 files I’ve linked below. While at this writing I have only had the tenor to play, and have committed to carrying these saxophones based on the quality of the tenors, all indications from testimonials seem to be that the altos and sopranos are actually the greater manufacturing and design accomplishments.



Bauhaus Walstein (pre-AI model), played by a friend (local professional) for the first time with his own set-up (Jody Jazz mouthpiece, Hemke reed). All the clips of him which follow were recorded by the onboard MiniDV cam’s microphone, with the camera taping him on a table as the player wandered around the room at his leisure:

And, played by the same professional player with an unfamiliar, brighter mouthpiece (mine):

For higher-fidelity (not YouTube-compressed, higher res)sound samples of the videos on this page, click on any link below:

The last two files can be compared to files of the same
player on a Mark VII and custom Conn “Chu” Berry, respectively, here:

*Thank you, A, for letting me use these files*

For more sound samples published on the web by individual
players, here is a sample of what I have run across while researching reviews
of these saxophones myself:

Pete Thomas:

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