Just Saxes New Retail Saxophones: Crescent, Crescent II and New Ol Skool

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New Ol Skool

Just Saxes New Ol Skool (2 pc Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Low-A Baritone) – NOS altos and tenors are available at this time (12/23), sopranos and tenors are sold out. I have a number of cosmetic 2nds due to a factory lacquer snafu that are great opportunities to get the same performance as normal at a steep discount due to issues that are purely cosmetic.

Crescent I

  • I have 1 baritone available (not yet serviced) but Crescent 1’s are otherwise sold out until further notice — altos are discontinued due to a tuning issue on Eb2 that I could not resolve. There are no
    C1 altos with this flaw in circulation, so far as I’m aware (I gave away a couple, and none were sold).

Crescent II

Just Saxes Crescent II (Alto only) – This photo is a placeholder, and is the same as the Crescent I curved sop photo above — it is not of the Crescent II, which is sold out at the time of this notation (12/23).