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Couf Superba I Alto

(Serial number & photos to be added here soon)

– new alto listings coming within next 2 weeks –

Finish: original lacquer is rough but appropriate for “player’s horn” (looks not so pretty, plays exceptionally well)

Overall condition: cosmetics just OK, performance exceptional.  Complete, new overhaul, in final adjustment phase, now.

Voice, response:  exceptional dynamic range, from wide, warm, mellow and husky to soaring and powerful, punchy and guts to spare; classic vintage Keilwerth from arguably the best part of their production history.

Intonation:  very good, typical for the era and this period in Keilwerth altos.  Not totally happy with it yet, but am fine-tuning, still

Ideal owner:  Superba I devotee.  That person already knows whom he/she is.  If you have a very well preserved S1 that you already love, this is an ideal partner to it that may well outplay it.

This horn is priced to not sell.  After listing it, I played it more and am basically planning to keep it, but since it’s already written up the price is “part with.”  For the right person (including me, I just don’t play much alto, this is a get married forever horn).  As soon as I complete another alto overhaul, to list in this one’s place, this listing will come down.

(photo placeholder)

– No longer for sale –



Buffet SuperDynaction Alto

Serial number 13,4xx Circa 1966

Finish: original lacquer (but no black paint in the body-bell brace logo, and not “sparkle lacquer”).  Rough condition on lacquer, as this came from a wet/salt environment.  Original goldplated wire springs in very good condition.

Overall condition:  cosmetically, good; mechanically excellent, full new overhaul with very large brown nylon — not my normal choice for most horns, but I have found that the core of the sound on both Buffet SD altos and tenors comes forward and fills out beautifully with this set-up, so that’s what I put in.

Voice, response: full, brilliant, mature, round, defined voice without being nasal.  I would keep this if I didn’t constantly have new JS New Ol Skool altos to play.  I don’t play much alto, generally, so it’s easier to just stick with JS NOS altos when I do want to practice or study on alto.


Ideal owner:  me.  If I didn’t have the NOS line and the Schucht necks.  I don’t play much alto, or I’d likely keep both this and the Couf above.  Buffets were once a go-to choice and this alto shows why:  full, round voice with very accurate intonation, sounds great through a mic, none of the nasal qualities that the alto slightly retains.  Excellent choice for a studio or professional musician who is not married to the rocking Bb design.

$1795 – sold – thank you EA!



Conn  6M

Serial #281,xxx, circa 1937

Finish:  Original lacquer, very good to excellent

Overall condition:  Very good to excellent, fully and newly overhauled with flat Pisoni one click below absolute max-sized.  Ready to go (photos coming soon).

Voice, response:  Smooth response, accurate and predictable (in a good way).  Classic 6M voice and character.

Intonation:  Excellent, above average for the model and vintage

Ideal owner:  Any one that loves 6Ms.

This is a very well-preserved, top shelf 6M, fully-overhauled and like a new horn (though it is probably tighter than when it left the Conn factory 75 years ago, as they don’t seem to have been that tight when they left).  This horn personifies (hornifies?) “all original,” from its true double socket “VIII” neck to its original rollers.

The only meaningful cosmetic drawback is some old soldering work around the Eb tonehole (will be illustrated in the photos to come), and light pinging around the bow (also to be attentively illustrated in photos to some).  Very nicely preserved 6M.  There aren’t a lot around any more in this condition.

Sold!  Thank you, MC!


2015-11-20 14.10.34

2015-11-20 14.10.16



Conn 6M

Pre-War, relacquered

Finish:  relacquered, probably 1970s or 1980s – very clean but certainly machine buffed.

Overall condition:  Excellent.

Voice, response:  typical pre-war 6M — full, thick core, broad dynamic range

Intonation:  excellent for the model.  Typically 6M flexible pitch center, even scale.

Pad installation:  old but workable (for a year at least) Conn Reso-Pads with typically sized flat resonators.

Ideal owner:  Conn devotee, big band/swing lover, Charlie Parker follower, you name it.  Can be driven hard for rock/blues, or laid back on for bebop and earlier trad sound.

The long & short:  it’s rare that I make vintage horns available without first fully restoring and overhauling them, but my work plate is very full right now and this horn is playing very nicely as is.  I’ve given it the same kind of play condition servicing that I’d give to any horn purchased used (or off eBay, for example) by a client where the wish was to play the horn and get to know it before considering an overhaul.  I could improve it with an overhaul, but that is generally true of any horn that comes in the door.

(Please click here for more info and photos – link to come)


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Buescher 400 Top Hat & Cane

Serial # (to be updated)

full Just Saxes restoration

sold – thank you, Robin!





Modernized King Zephyr Alto – Serial # 336,xxx

Circa 1953, previously owned by professional player

-One of a kind vintage/custom alto.  I’m not aware of any one having ever done a custom-modernization of a Zephyr like this, although to modernize the table is a natural fit thanks to the tonehole layout.

Modernized left hand pinky cluster and bell keys, updated thumb rests, completely restored

I decided to give this alto the full modernization after playing it. When it came in, it was playing well, having been a professional player’s doubling alto, and after tightening it up I just had to update this horn to a fully modern ergonomic template, because it deserves it.

For the right player — a lover of Zephyr altos who just needed one with modern keywork — this will be the end of the line, the end of compromises.

sold – thank you, Stuart!


Buescher New Aristocrat Alto

Serial #267,XXX / 01 neck

Has all but a couple of its original snap-ins, and all of its gold Norton springs. I have extra Buescher snaps on hand, and will be restoring any missing snaps.

This alto, very close to the same serial number vintage as Rascher’s Aristocrat, does not have the word “New” in the bell engraving. It has the same combination of opposing bell keys and Aristocrat-styled RH side keys as Rascher’s alto (I will put up some photos documenting this soon).

This transitional Aristocrat is now in the process of a full restoration and customization/modernization (of the LH table), including no-buff refinishing, with Ferree’s Buescher snap-in pads (with metal backing, as with original Buescher snap-in pads).

The engraving is very sharp, so I don’t think this was originally silverplated (it is lacquer over brass, now). I suspect it was bare brass release that was later lacquered.

More Info and Photos coming soon, and you can follow this horn’s progress on Instagram, as I will post updates there as I go.


Conn Transitional 6M Alto

Rare, No-Tuning Barrel Example

sold – thank you, WS!

Click Here for More Information


Selmer Mark VI Alto

circa 1955 / Serial #57,XXX

~no longer available~

Thank you, Dr. P!

This is a collector’s condition Mark VI that will run with any Mark VI alto out there. Over time and heavy use, many examples that have been played harder seem to gain a bit of resonance but to have the sound become less focused and compact. This VI has a very whole, compact tone and quick, accurate response. It literally plays like a new horn — a really, really excellent one made by Selmer Paris in 1955.

Click Here for Photo Gallery and More Information


Silver-Plated Conn “Chu Berry” Alto

Original case included

Price TBA after overhaul

Very clean, promising horn. Scheduled for complete overhaul.

More Info and Photos coming soon.


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