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Buescher True-Tone Soprano (Very Custom)

Modern Keywork / Serial #228,XXX

I don’t think this has ever been done before, although it makes perfect sense: the best vintage soprano ever made, combined with the most solid and comfortable modern keywork design ever made. I have never seen or heard of any one else with a soprano like this, and I believe this is the first customization of its kind ever to have been completed (in the history of saxophones). It’s a great saxophone, “a best of both worlds” project that I was happy to complete and then have go to one of Just Saxes’ long time clients.  It’s first owner is no longer able to play, so it is back at Just Saxes for sale.  Being a True-Tone, acoustically, its scale is more even than other sopranos, and its voice is freer than other sopranos (as fans of True-Tone sopranos would expect).  The modernized keywork (Yanagisawa design, taken from my Just Saxes Crescent) not only feels like it should in the hands but corrects the sharp C#2 via the same innovation as corrects it on the Yanagisawa 991/992.

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Buescher True-Tone Soprano

Goldplated – Restored, Overhauled & Customized (Music Medic)

Very desirable vintage True-Tone soprano.  Plating seems to be original, with touch-up done following customizations (all by Music Medic).

Ciustomizations include high C# adjuster, triple-strap ring mod, improved LH pinky table cluster, custom RH thumb hook (Selmer mounting), very elegantly executed cork palm key risers.  Overhaul (like new, hardly played) is white Kangaroo pads with a medium-large resonator set-up.

Most recent owner was a passionate player-collector who was exploring many different soprano options at the time this was traded to me for the more radical customization below, so the overhaul’s is very nearly unplayed.

Price reflects customizations and full restoration/overhaul.

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sold – thank you, D!

Just Saxes 2010 Soprano – Scratch & Dent

Scuff on edge of left hand pinky table mounting arm

Sold – thank you, M!

This is the Soprano I kept handy to make analyses and comparisons while making the custom True-Tone, above. It has been padded and set-up in the US by myself, in New Orleans, and the only flaw is that I knocked it over once, while working on the True-Tone, and the side of the arch onto which the top ends of the left hand pinky table tubes mount received a small scuff about 2 millimeters by 2 millimeters on it. Other than that, it’s perfect.

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Silver Conn “Pre-Chu” Soprano

Serial #119,XXX / Original Case Included

Sold – Thank You, JV!

This soprano is a player. Its voice is colorful and vibrant — the kind of voice that produces a sum greater than its parts when played in ensemble. It can be either warm, dark and round or powerful and projecting with excellent cut, depending on the mouthpiece and reed. It is a perfect mix of freeblowing responsiveness and resistance that builds to push back as you put more pressure on it; it is a very responsive soprano, with a comfortable, accurate yet flexible pitch center. This is not a soprano for a beginner, though, or someone with undeveloped tone production — it needs to be sung through; if you don’t take the reins play the horn, it will play you. It is very, very accurate and vibrant when played with good support and focus, but it is a true vintage American soprano; it will give more than anything modern to the player who understands it, but will be a bear to play for any one with underdeveloped tone production.

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