There is a photo gallery of saxophones past, and some correspondences with customers, in the “Gallery” area of this site, but if you have never done business with me that will likely not mean much to you.  Certainly there are commercial personalities — specifically within the saxophone biz — that are notorious for generating fake testimonials for themselves and their products and services. I am not one of them, but I have seen for myself that they exist.

I would encourage all future clients to do a Google or Yahoo search for my name and company:

“Just Saxes New orleans” will pull up some testimonials,

as will “Just Saxes” and

“Palo sax crescent” and

“Just Saxes Crescent saxophone Palo”.

There are reviews of services in various places around the web from past customers, and finding them yourself will mean more than my own reproductions of them. I do not have any disgruntled customers, to the best of my knowledge, in over a decade of rescuing saxophones from lesser states of performance.

At this writing (4.11.13), in the 11+ years Just Saxes has been in business, I have not once (at least that I can recall) had to receive a return on a saxophone — new, vintage or custom — despite that every saxophone sold is sold with a full return guarantee. This is of course a mark of some pride, which I don’t think many saxophone sellers who have been in business longer than a few years can claim, at least not those who have clean records with past customers.